Computer's 101 Quick Reference

Route Y
Contact Info
You should keep your contact information on Route Y current.  This way, someone who needs to get hold of you can.  For example if I need to contact you because there is a problem with your assignment, and I can't get a hold of you, you may loose points because I could get a hold of you.

Wireless Access
This link will take you to BYU's information on how to setup a wireless connection on campus.

The offical Caedm user guide and be found here.  Caedm provides the computers and support for the College of Engineering and Technology.  If you want to use a computer in the college,  you must have a CAEDM account.

How to Create an account
If you do not have a Caedm account, you can create one by going to the computers outside of room 423 in the Clyde or by going to the URL of  Follow the steps on this page to create your account. 

J Drive
Each user is alloted space on the Caedm network.  This is where they can store their school information.  It will only be accessible to you and the Caedm administrators.  There is a space limitation that changes over time.  If your J Drive becomes full, you can burn your information to CD from most of the computers on the Caedm network.  In the CM 411 class, you cannot use the J drive for your Timberline Data.

J Drive mapping for Laptops in the lab
To map the J drive on the laps in snlb 219 using a wired connection do the following:
Right click on My Network Places and select MapNetwork drive.
Select the Drive Letter as J:
In the folder field, type     \\\homes

Out of Space on J Drive
From the start menu select "Show J Drive Usage".  Press the Analyze button.  Your largest files will be shown at the top of the list.  Right click to select files that you would like to delete.  You now should have more space on the J drive.

Firefox Profile Errors
The Firefox profile errors stem from 3 sources that I'm aware of.  The following steps should be done in sequence.  After each step, log out and then relogin to see if the problem has been solved, if not go to the next step.
  1. Your J drive space is at or over your limit (150 meg) capacity.  To solve this delete some of the junk off of the J drive.
  2. In the directory J:\.firefox\profiles\user.default there is a file named parentlock.lck.  If you are getting a message something like Firefox is already running, delete the parentlock.lck file.
  3. In the directory J:\.firefox\profiles\user.default there are file that are .ini.  While these files are needed, they may have become corrupted.  If the above steps have not solved the problem, delete the .ini files.

Account Manager - the account managers allows you to control  your Caedm account
Printing Balance
It costs money every time you print a page on the Caedm network.  The price varies with what printer you are using.  This link has the pricing information.  To add money to your printing account, you need to add money to your signature card account.  You can add money to your signature card account through Route Y.

Email Fowarding
If you chose not to use the Caedm email account, that is fine, but you should forward it to an account that you do use.  Otherwise, you may miss important information from the Caedm administrators, that may result in your account being disabled.

Group Accounts
If you work on group projects and would like a common storage area, for your groups data, you can create a groups space on the J drive.  To do this, login to the the Caedm account manager and select group manager. Select Create a New Group.  Create a name for the group according to the guidlines given.  Most likely, you will want the members to be able to read and write to the group, so enter each group members caedm user name separated by commas and no spaces.

Press Create the Group and the group will be created.  Wait 15 minutes and then relogin and you should now see the group at J:\Groups\group name.

CAEDM creates and email account when you create your account.  If you do not wish to use this account, you should forward this account to the one that you are using.  To forward this account, read above on the email forwarding link.

If you want to download your Caedm  email at home, here are the instructions.    To learn how to setup your email client instead of the web interface for  Route Y email at home, click here

If you would like to create you own webpage, CAEDM provides you with that abilitity.  Anything that you place in the www folder on the J drive, will be visible on the internet.  The URL of you account is  ie

Transferring files from the J drive to your home computer
You can transfer files from the J drive to you home computer by using FTP.  In order to do this, you need and FTP client.  There are many clients available.  Here is link to download WS-FTP. Download the WS_FTP LE.   Install it on your home computer the read the directions found  here.

An alternate solution is to type the following address in the address bar: , replace USERNAME with your caedm username.   Using Internet Explorer you can download and upload files.  With Mozilla or Netscape you can only download files.   However, beware using Internet Explorer in the Caedm lab be it stores many temporary files that are stored and your J drive and then can cause you to run out of storage space on the J drive.

Transferring files from the U drive to your home computer
The University also provides you with 10 meg of storage space that shows up as the U drive when you are in a University lab or working on a tech room computer.  You can also access it by ftp.  The address to type is: , where the USERNAME is your Route Y ID.

Running Caedm Applications at Home
Many of the Caedm applications can be accessed from your home computer.  I would recommend that you do this over a high speed line rather than a modem, but you can do it over a modem.  To run applications from home you need to access the Caedm application server.  The download client generally works better than the web browser client. For more information on accessing the application server click here.
Thumb Drives aka USB Drives Caedm Info on USB Drives
The USB Flash memory drives are an easy way to transport you data from computer to computer.  For CM 411 it is required that you have one.  If you use the USB drives on a Win 98 machine, you will most likely have to install a driver on your computer to make it work.  In the Caedm lab it should work fine.  Be sure though not in activate security on your drive.  If you do, it may not work on the Caedm computers.  You should always safely stop your USB drive.  If you don't, you may ruin you USB drive.  To safely stop your drive, on  the task bar press the eject hardware button  .  A message will then display that says it is safe to remove the hardware.  If you get a message that says the hardware cannot be stopped.  Make sure that you are not using an application that is accessing the USB drive.  Then try it again  to safely eject the hardware.  If this fails several times you may want to shutdown the computer and then remove the USB drive.

If you have additional information that would be good to add to this page, please email it to

Software (most of the software listed here is open-source and all are free)
This is a free suite of software comparable and compatible with Microsoft Office.
Firefox is a web browser that I like better than the microsoft product.  Consider also using the Tabbrowser Preferences, Nuke it, ForecastFox, and Download Them All extensions.
Thunderbird is the mail client that replaces Outlook.
Graphics editor on the line of Photoshop.  You need to download the GTK and install it and then download gimp and install it.  They can be downloaded from,
A webpage editor that is easy to use
File transfer program
Great editor for code.

Help or Account problems on the Caedm system, call 2-5960

What email to use
You can use whatever email account that you want.  Here are some advantages of each and disadvantages of each.

Off Campus: Gmail, yahoo, netscape, excite, netzero (I would recommend this option)
Usually always working
Sometime they are slow to access because of general internet traffic

Route Y
BYU's Basic mail
Web Interface so you can access account off campus
Preview the mail message
Views web content in email correctly
Allows Attachments
Not necessarily always working
Slower loading time
10 meg size limitation
More storage space