Jay S. Newitt

e-mail: jay_newitt@byu.edu
phone: (801) 422 - 5358

Research Interests: 
Use and training of construction management personnel
with the Critical Path Method in managing and controlling
construction projects. 
Research in the design and construction of energy efficient

Classes Taught: 
CM 217- Concrete and Masonry
CM 412- Scheduling and Cost Control 
Codes and Inspections
Administrative Practices in Construction
CM 241- Electrical Systems - 
CM 218- Plumbing Systems
Advanced Construction Practices
CM 320- HVAC Principles and Solar Design
CM 415- Construction Project Management
CM 211- Finish Carpentry

PhD., Colorado State University, 1981 

Jay has been at BYU since the very beginning of the Construction Management Program. He has had a impact on it’s development and growth. He is nationally known among construction management associates due to his service to not only BYU but the nation as well. He has been president of the Associated Schools of Construction, an international organization of construction management professors. He has received the national “Trimmer Teaching Award of Excellence” from the Associated Builders and Contractors. He has also received the National Association of Home Builders “Educator of the Year award.”

Through the years he has owned and operated his own custom home building company and done consulting for a variety of construction companies to help solve numerous problems. He has been a licensed general contractor in the state of Utah since 1976. He is a national expert on using Critical Path Method (CPM) to better manage and control all types of construction projects. He has consulted with over a hundred commercial, industrial, and residential construction companies on CPM scheduling. He is a popular and frequent speaker at national conferences related to construction management. He has trained over five thousand experienced project managers and superintendents on the principles of CPM scheduling. Jay has developed a method to teach the complex principles of scheduling in a practical, easy to understand, and effective way.

Jay also has significant experience in designing and building extremely energy efficient homes and buildings.